The Story Behind Passing the MFT National Examination

3 min readMar 21, 2021

From self-doubts to changing my thinking to this positive thought: “passing the exam is part of my calling.”

Earlier this year, I found out that I passed the Marital and Family Therapy National Examination.

Here are fun and interesting facts:

  1. I prayed to God that I would pass this test, that the passing score would match how I did in the test
  2. I studied A LOT. I spent a lot of my free time studying alone and also with a group of people whom I met in a Facebook group who were also focusing on the same goal
  3. I researched a lot and saved a lot of information from other test takers from a Facebook group I joined
  4. On the day of the exam, I didn’t have time to take a break because I didn’t want to loose any time from the 4 hours of testing time
  5. The saddest part of the exam taking process is that I had to wear a mask during the 4 hours and I was extremely careful to not touch my skin or my head when taking the test because I was in a public place and of course wanted to be cautious.
  6. I passed with the actual passing score, wow!
  7. The passing score can change every month
  8. Before I passed, people who knew me knew that I would pass, they actually believed in myself, more than I believed in myself.
  9. The test had many questions that I didn’t study for, so I guessed them asking God to help me

I say all the above to say that I knew having faith made a difference and that having supportive people who knew me also was extremely important because this was the hardest test I’ve ever taken and the one that I knew it would just be a miracle if I passed.

Here are my favorite tips in case if you are taking the same exam or something similar that you need to take a lot of time to study thoroughly.

  1. Prayer is powerful, so maybe try that or ask others to pray for you.
  2. Passing this exam was a promise from God fulfilled and keeping this in mind helped me find a bigger meaning to what I was doing. I encourage you to recognize what would passing an exam mean to you.
  3. I learned in the past that…

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