How to Reward Yourself to Increase your Productivity

You will understand why it’s important to reward yourself and how to do so.

3 min readJan 4, 2019


Rewarding myself is a habit that I began a few years ago when a therapist helped me notice that I was new to the idea of celebrating and rewarding myself for any progress or milestones I’ve made.

I find that there are a few individuals who have encouraged me to reward myself such as therapists, my therapist colleague, employers, supervisors and coaches. I didn’t know there existed the idea of rewarding myself on my own while I began my adult years.

When I began this habit, I was so new to it that I felt guilty about it. I thought that people should reward myself. But with all that I’ve faced in the past year, I only had supervisors rewarding myself and God himself in his unique and unexpected ways.

So in this post, I want to encourage you that rewarding yourself is easier than how it sounds and it is possible to get into the habit of it.

Why would you reward yourself?

I would reward myself because if I don’t do it, very few people would and I can’t depend on them. Let’s say you do have people who reward you often, one good reason to still reward yourself is to honor yourself, your sacrifice and efforts by doing so. And most importantly, you would be giving yourself something to look forward to once you accomplish the task or goal you are looking to accomplish.

How can you reward yourself as a beginner?

  • Write in a “post it” note or on your calendar how you plan to reward yourself for each one of your work days.
  • You can also choose to reward yourself at the end of the week but if you are a beginner is best to begin with small rewards and making sure to reward yourself after every work day or during your lunch time
  • Examples of rewards: calling someone you look forward to talking with, scheduling a dinner or lunch with someone you want to catch up with, watching a movie, cooking one of your favorite meals, shopping for something that makes you smile or excited, dressing up and going out, a healthy smoothie, etc.




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