Benefits of Receiving Over 6 years of Therapy and 2 years of Coaching

3 min readNov 14, 2021

“Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful parts of us” (David Richo)

In 2011, I used to be the kind of person who didn’t think receiving therapy to process thoughts and feelings would be helpful until I first signed up to it because it was part of my requirement in grad school, since after all, I wanted to become a therapist myself. But flash forward to now, I can’t stop thankful the blessing that God has given me through the process of receiving therapy for myself at key seasons of my life, including now!

One of my first excuses was that it costed a lot of money. After some research, I learned that you can find someone affordable such as going for a student rate for those who have sliding scale or finding a therapist who is not fully licensed yet but is attaining their many many hours of supervised experience.

So here are the benefits that I came up with about receiving therapy as well as coaching for myself:

  1. I gained more Self-awareness
  2. I gained more insight into my attachment style and how to improve it in my relationships with others
  3. I gained more insight into why I used to put walls (or get very annoyed) with certain people, because they reminded me of certain traits that were similar to those I grew up with
  4. I gained more confidence in my abilities and also took big risks that I normally wouldn’t have done because of being too afraid and shy in the past
  5. It helped me overcome anxiety, depression and inability to stay focused
  6. I was able to apply my faith in God in difficult decisions
  7. I started to become more humble
  8. I started to be more compassionate of others
  9. I started to understand the difference between what I’m not able to control vs what I’m able to control and what I’m responsible for vs what others expect of me
  10. I found peace with my daily need to stop working, rest and recharge
  11. I learned to process what I truly value vs what others want me to value
  12. I learned to set better boundaries with how I manage my time spent with…

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